If Your Business Doesn’t Have A Mobile Website
You Are Losing Customers Daily!

Why mobile websites?

Mobile Websites

Both Google’s and Apple’s huge investments in mobile ad firms is shouting to the business community that . . . Mobile Is The New Internet

Mobile Internet is a continually booming platform, with Google reporting a 400% increase in the number of searches being carried out on mobile devices, compared to this time last year.

Millions of people are already going mobile (including your prospects/customers/clients). In fact, over 50% of local searches are done on a mobile.

Your business won’t be left behind by your more savvy competitors (and not lose over half of your online business just because your existing website isn’t compatible to the mobile devices your customers or clients are using)   read more




What do you get

Mobile Friendly Website

  • Streamlined design for quick load times
  • Optimized mobile site for all major mobile devices
  • One-touch click-to-call
  • Google map with directions on find us page
  • Branding matches existing website, logo and colour scheme
  • A link at the bottom allows visitors to view the non-mobile version if they wish
  • and other customized pages as will be discussed during the consultation phase (e.g. testimonials page, FAQs, your social media links to your twitter, facebook and foursquare accounts)  read more




Now, My 100% Personal Satisfaction Guarantee!

I don’t stop until you are happy with what you get. Period.

It’s that simple… No B.S. stuff – just plain honest talk from one entrepreneur to another.

So, if you are not completely satisfied with my service, then I insist that you ask for a refund. I don’t want to take your money if I have not given you your money’s worth.

Benefits to your business

Mobile Website Benefits

Your website is available to users on the move.

No more risk in losing sales when your customers are having a difficult time deciphering your website using their mobile phones (not a pretty scene indeed)

A quick way to contact you; a quick look at your services, products or perhaps your menu; your opening hours and where they can find you.

Enquiries and sales are increased as visitors view your mobile website, find it easy to navigate and contact you rather than leaving your website quickly and going to your competitors

Website visitors get quick information without the hassle (an improved customer experience will keep them coming back for more) The site loads quickly and presents a consistent brand image.

Put your business ahead of your competitors who don’t have a mobile optimized website.  read more

The importance of a mobile strategy

Mobile Website Strategy

Never do another business strategy or marketing campaign without thinking mobile.

Else, risk being crushed by your competition who has taken the initiative… and has taken action quickly.

There is still a critical component to making this “mobile thing” work.

It’s your unique mobile marketing strategy

because you can’t just put up a mobile website without a clear strategy

because you can’t just put any mobile webpage that may not work to your advantage

because you can’t just leave this up to “techie” people or outsourcers who don’t understand your unique business needs

What you need to do is to go back to your original business goal and answer this: What Is The Ultimate Purpose Of Your Mobile Site?

1. What do you want to achieve with it?

2. What are your expectations with your mobile site?

3. How can it best work to your advantage?  read more


Why work with us

“I can do more than just create a mobile website for you… I can give you business advice on how you can generate more customers and sales from it –for FREE when you get us to build a professional profit-pulling mobile version of your site.” – Wendy Hearn

A mix of tech-savvy and marketing consultant who truly understands how mobile websites work in the overall sales and marketing strategy of your business

Working with other businesses for over 20 years helping them increase profits. Promoting businesses online since 1998

Understand how mobile technology works and what real businesses need.

I give you follow on advice to help generate customers, sales and profits (I don’t see anyone else in the industry who’s doing this like I do) read more


How does it work?Mobile Website Development
Here’s How It Works When You Get Me To Work On This

  • We first find out the goals of your business for having a mobile website and suggest how this website can fulfil those goals.
  • You let us know the logo to use and your choice of colours and pages, we then create the mobile website for you
  • We will do the installation on your hosting or we can give you the details of how to do it yourself if you prefer

Request a design Here’s What You Do Now

Simply click here and “request a design”.

Include details about your website and we will then get back to you with a sample design of how the mobile version of your website could look.

Not Acting Fast To Optimize For Mobile Is Marketing Suicide

Hurry . . . tomorrow may already be a little too late.

“Request a Design” Now



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